On this site you’ll find information about the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation, membership and annual meetings. You’ll also find a glossary of common words used in associations and a list of frequently asked questions.

If you wish for more information (in Swedish) you’ll find it here:

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Glossary: Association democratic

Getting a hang of associations and how they work is hard as it is, add to that learning about associations in a different language = Puh! On this site we’ve listed some of the most common words used within Swedish associations, hopefully it can make it a bit easier to understand what means what. 

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Frequently asked questions

Here we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation. Iyou have a question, hopefully you will find the answer here. 

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Training session at Riai Aikido in Gothenburg 2018. Photo: Nicklas Elmrin/Bildbyrån.

The application process 

Do your association wish to apply for membership to the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation? Here you’ll find instructions on how to apply and what requirements that need to be fulfilled before applying.

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Welcome letter 

New member at the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation? Welcome! In this welcome letter we have gathered some bits and pieces about the federation for you and your association.

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Guidelines for annual meetings

Are you a board member and in charge of arranging the annual meeting? Or a member solely wanting to attend but uncertain on what an annual meeting really is? Either way, here you will find both a tutorial for preparing as well as a guide for attending an annual meeting. 

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